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As a 3mer, you’ll have opportunities to make a substantial impact, fueled by competitive pay, comprehensive quality benefits and recognition of your achievements.

Your Pay

Your 3M pay recognizes the meaningful contributions you make to business results. Your pay may include two components: base salary and variable pay. While base pay applies to all employees, variable pay is offered to eligible employees.

Variable pay can be:

Annual Incentive Plan
For eligible salaried employees, this links a portion of your pay to company metrics. Based on company performance and eligibility, payments are made to employees annually.

Long-term Incentive Plan
Based on your job level, you may be eligible to participate. Includes stock options, stock appreciation rights, and restricted stock units grants for management employees.

Sales Incentives
Each sales representative's pay includes incentives paid monthly or quarterly, depending on business performance and the business you represent.

Your Benefits

3M offers market based benefits which you can expect from a top company. For example, you may receive benefits in the areas of Health Care, Disability and Pension Plans. Depending on the country you are working for and the legal regulations there, these plans will vary. More detailed information can be obtained in the country you are applying for a position.

Additional Programs and Resources

For your personal and family life:

  • 3M Club, a venue to share hobbies and interests, as well as discounted tickets.
  • Support for community involvement: Matching Gifts, 3M Community Giving.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements to balance your work and personal life.

For your development:

  • Leadership development programs
  • Knowledge-sharing forums and communities
  • Function-based formal education and training activities
  • Web-based courses
  • Development planning tools
  • Tuition reimbursement

Depending on the country you are working for, the offered Additional Programs and Resources will vary. More detailed information can be obtained in the country you are applying for a position.

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