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Drug Delivery Systems Drug Delivery Systems

 Drug Delivery Systems Inhaler Family

Drug Delivery Systems

We provide customised inhalation and transdermal drug delivery solutions to partner pharmaceutical companies including inhalation aerosols, metered dose valves and aerosol cannisters and other transdermal technology and drug delivery solutions.

As we develop new products with our partners, we can draw upon more than 100 years of time-tested 3M technologies, including experience in films, adhesives, hardware design, coatings, processes and manufacturing. Our department expertise includes toxicology, regulatory, manufacturing, quality assurance and operations.

Through this depth of resources, experience and commitment, we can provide differentiated products, speed to market and increased probability of technical and commercial success. That’s why more than 50% of all metered-dose inhalers worldwide utilise 3M drug delivery technology.

We understand partners may be looking for different delivery options or looking to enhance delivery characteristics that improve drug performance and/or patient compliance. 3M is prepared to rapidly assess every potential partner’s drug delivery needs and determine whether our technology is a fit through a no obligation, complimentary feasibility study.